Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thoughts on Aldub and Other Things

I have really enjoyed myself thoroughly reading through all the posts in vilo_vilky's Working in the field of psychiatry, I have become not only interested in the phenomenon of Aldub and Kalyeserye, but also in the reactions that have ensued, both from fans and non-fans.

I am amazed about how well, Filipinos, in general, are so intuitive in as far as making sense of facial expressions, verbal expressions and body language and how sensitive we are to the nuances of such.  I guess it could be because many of us have had to adapt to cultures not our own and so have learned to rely heavily on "reading" non-verbal language to survive.

There is, however, a downside to this armchair psychology, and that is a tendency for us to over-analyze and to "read" more than what is actually there.

On the last episode, 9/23, I disagree about Maine's being "off".  I think what we are seeing is her starting to get over the crush-kilig phase and starting to look at Alden  as a peer or even as an equal, so much so that she has no qualms asking for pritong lumpia and pouting when he does not find any.  I think, she is actually asking, can he possibly be more than a crush? And this takes place in those "dead spaces" that the lolas are needing to fill.

As for Alden, he, I think, is the more bewildered of the two;  desperately looking for cues on how best to process his own feelings, make sense of reel vs real, and totally thrown into an avalanche of which he has absolutely, no preparation.

I think, what he should do, is start to shed off the safe, the familiar, and break some of his own rules.  There is no way he can get ready for this.  There is no safety net to break the plunge. There is only the possibility of losing a moment that may never, ever come again.

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