Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thoughts on Aldub and other things

When anything resembling reality TV is opened up to the public, people should expect comments/reactions/emotions ranging from the sensible to the ludicrous; from the negative to the positive; from the thoughtful to the inane. Such is the way when the world becomes your marketplace of ideas. If something like this gets 12M tweets then also expect 12M different points of view that may not necessarily agree with each other.

 Fact is, there is room for ALL kinds of ideas whether negative or positive, whether agreeable or not. NO ONE , no matter the kind of fan or non-fan, no matter education, profession, age, state of life, NO ONE, has the monopoly of great ideas.

Of course, we should also be reminded that with this great freedom also comes great responsibility and our freedom to state our ideas should never cloud our responsibility to express them respectfully, with great deliberation and care ( hence the understandable dilemma of our brave vilo ) .

So, for me, just let the ideas flow, from every juan or juana. If we agree, fine and dandy. If we don’t, let’s not be quick to judge or take it personally.

Every idea is valid.

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