Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Random thoughts on A. Jadaone's work

On the 10/7/2015 episode of "On the Wings of Love"

What a poignant episode!  Great letter scene for both James and Nadine.

This episode is an example of how important it is to have good directorial and teleplay staff apart from just a good cast. While this episode does not have as much action as the previous ones, there is no prolongation of unnecessary agony. The dialogue is compelling;the pace is brisk; the emotions are well-expressed in a kind of muted, quieter way; as if they are in the shadows of the soul.

And I think the last scene is simple but genius---Clark and Leah both turn toward the unoccupied space on their beds, reach out to empty space and close their eyes at the same time.

Reminds me of that Neruda poem that goes something like,. ...I love you so much that when YOU fall asleep, it is MY eyes that close.

On the 11/19/2015 episode of "On the Wings of Love"

I honestly, honestly believe OTWOL is THE teleserye game-changer of all time.  It has now set the bar up for the next  teleseryes to follow and it will make it  difficult for the next ones to measure up.  Even OTWOL itself will have to make extra efforts to sustain this level of commitment to storyline, pace, character development and innovation even more.

I love both James and Nadine. They have both really come a long way.  James, especially, from the rather stereotypical roles in his movies, begins to outdo himself in this one.  It looks to me like he is discovering his own layers not only as an artist but as a person and we are all privy,  I think, James is laying everything out on the line and has long allowed emotion and his Clark persona to take it where it will, throwing caution to the wind.

Nadine, on the other hand,  has journeyed from the more comfortable comical, self-effacing but surviving roles to this role of  Leah who is more conflicted, more vulnerable, more emotional.  Nadine should never think she is weak in the drama side because she's got what it takes. She should just let the depth of feeling take over, throw caution to the wind instead of trying to overthink.  This is especially evident in scenes where she looks like she is already thinking of the next lines instead of being "in the moment" ; in the more tender scenes where she can be "felt" anticipating a kiss.  

In the scene, for example, where Leah and Clark are head-to-head, she delivers her lines with some evidence of discomfort from her body language, her restless feet.  Also, during many of the kiss scenes,  she  does nothing with her hands, like having it on Clark's face or hair, and this passivity just serves to highlight her cerebral anticipation of the kiss. Some of the  strongest facial expressions associated with the emotional kiss is the involuntary slight parting of the lips, a slightly furrowed brow, and a lingering towards the end.  The thought-out kiss, on the other hand, has too much or too little lip-parting, a largely expressionless face, and feels just a bit rushed to end.

From a facial expressions and emotional behavior point of view, I would really like to see Nadine just be in the moment, to really immerse in the emotionality of the scenes and let them take her where it will.  A scene I would like to see, would be one where Leah , asleep and totally oblivious of the physical effect she can have on Clark,  draws very close to Clark in bed, snuggles, and brings her hand to caress his face as if to reassure herself that he is still there.  This wakes Clark up, and fearing an impending loss of self-control,  he has to extricate himself a little  bit and wakes Leah up and attempts to explain his sudden need for a little distance. This, of course, embarrasses Leah and the situation becomes a joke between them.

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