Thursday, December 10, 2015

On Human Rights Day

On The Anniversary of Human Rights Day

It has been more than 30 years, but
for me, it is a time, once more, of remembrance.
Remembering Filipino young people who, once upon a time,
fought for the right
to have a voice, a vote;

For the right
to dispel the darkness
of the dictator's shadow
and know the taste of freedom
from one man's megalomania and greed;

For the right
for all a nation's people
to have a share of land,
of industry, of identity,
of education, of opportunity, of dignity;

For the right
against oppression; the right to know:
the culture of life and hope,
instead of the perpetual fear
of death and killing fields.

It is also a time
for lamentation
for youth lost, for innocence lost,
for futures lost;

It is a time
of grief, not only
for all who were lost
but also for those who survived;

for the loss of idealism,
for the loss of belief
that every courageous act
had consequence;

that every sacrifice
had meaning.

MV Lazaro-Elemos
Rochester, MN

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