Monday, July 22, 2013

On the Movie:  TUHOG

I was drawn to the story concept when I first heard about it, so when it was offered on TFC's premiere movies online, I purchased and viewed it.  There was an actual event of this sort that occurred in Manila in the 1990s along the South Expressway . I was a medical intern then, rotating  in Surgery when the victims were actually  taken to the hospital I was rotating in for emergency treatment.

The film is excellent!!!!  The story deviates from the common fare and the pacing is nicely brisk.  While the timelines switch back and forth between past and present, the viewer does not get lost in the transition.  There is also a psychological depth to the film as it tackles issues such as the ethics of life and death; aging; youth; intimacy and abandonment; desperation and hope.  The performers are brilliant, especially the more seasoned ones. The dialogue is witty and meaningful.

All in all, a great film that reminds me of a novel with a similar theme by Thornton Wilder called, The Bridge of San Luis Rey.

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