Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sometimes I Only Hear the Sound of Rain


Sometimes, I only hear

the sound of rain,
relentless pounding
on hapless pavement;

the swoosh of wind
that takes out

the hollow sound of lonely,
the echo of voice
in empty room.

There are other sounds.

If I listen,
and listen well,
there are other sounds.

But sometimes,
I only hear,
the sound of rain.


  1. And that's a very hard sound to hear if you are not listening. The sound of God's whisper is even harder but possible. Take the time to enjoy His creation, that's what I get from this poem.

    1. Thanks. I know you can't read the ones written in Filipino but will try to translate.

  2. I found your blog after I read your take on the AlDub phenomenon on Rappler. What a lovely discovery this blog is, you write such "simple" (and I mean that in the most positive way - simple as in authentic, genuine, pure) and beautiful poems. :)

    1. Hi, C,

      Thanks for the kind words. I am a kind of a "closet" writer but finding that I have begun to enjoy sharing and reading other people's work. I see you have a blog site too. Will check it out.

    2. I'm also a "closet" writer. Hehe. I used to really blog-hop and connect with bloggers (virtually) during my younger years. Then the blogging landscape changed, and I became inactive.

      Re-discovering the joys of finding comfort in another's words and world, as well as sharing one's own thoughts for others to peruse. Enjoy and see you around. :)